1. Spin Down Sand Filters

      Spin Down Sediment Water Filters - Rusco Spin Down Water Filters
      The Rusco and KleenWater spin down sand / sediment separator water filters are ideal for filtering out course sediment without the need for cartridge replacement. A polyester screen is used to filter sand and sediment.
      Rusco and KleenWater Flushable Sand and Sediment Water Filters
      KleenWater and Rusco sand and sediment water filters are easily cleaned by using the flush valve. Over time the screen can get clogged or worn and will eventually need to be replaced.
      Well Water, Lawn Irrigation and Commercial Sand and Sediment Filters
      Sand and sediment filters ideal for domestic well water, lawwn irrigation systems and commercial filtration.
      Sand Separator Water Filter Replacement Screens
      The sand separater filter polyester membrane is offered in 24 mesh, 60 mesh, 100 and 250 mesh. The membrane can be periodically cleaned through the flush valve.

      Rusco 1/2 Inch Purge Valve

      Rusco 1/2 Inch Purge Valve


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